• Education Foundation

  • The Tipton County Education Foundation was established in 1997 in a joint effort of the Covington-Tipton County and South Tipton County Chambers of Commerce.

    Mission Statement

    To provide financial and material resources to improve educational opportunities and services for students and teachers in the Tipton County School System.


    • To secure financial and material resources
    • To distribute secured financial and material resources to create new or enhance existing educational programs and services


    • Obtain supplemental funding, materials, supplies and equipment through grants from public and private foundations, businesses, industries, government initiatives, charitable organizations and individuals
    • Receive and review applications from educators
    • Disburse funds, materials, supplies and equipment deemed appropriate by the Trustees of the Foundation.

    Funding Priorities

    The Education Foundation favors grant requests that relate to the enhancement of educational opportunities in the Tipton County School System. The foundation’s philanthropic giving is concentrated on certain program areas. The foundation has particular interests in the Arts. Other programs and projects of interest are ones which:

    • Focus on academic learning outcomes
    • Lead to comprehensive, systemic changes
    • Have a positive impact on school population, with special attention to at-risk students
    • Involve collaborative partnerships
    • Projects which link learning to work opportunities and workplace requirements


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