• Schools

  • The Tipton County School System is one of the largest systems in the state of Tennessee. The system provides a modern, progressive school system that constantly strives to meet the needs of the community and each of the 12,000 students currently enrolled. There are six elementary schools, including Pre-K, located in Atoka, Brighton, Covington (two), Drummonds and Munford. The newest of these, Atoka Elementary, opened in August of 2008. There are three middle schools and three high schools located in Brighton, Covington and Munford. The Covington Integrated Arts Academy is open to students Pre-K through 8th grade.

    Our mission is to produce graduates who have basic knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to make career decisions to meet the challenge of the 21st century. It is our mission to provide a well-trained staff, quality instruction, technological advancements and support services in a positive learning environment.

    Tipton County School System's progressive philosophy represents "expecting the best," accepting students where they are and taking them as far as they can go.

    Private School

    There are two private schools: Tipton Christian Academy is located in Covington and includes Pre-K through 6th grade. The other, Tipton-Rosemark Academy, is located outside of the Atoka-Munford area and includes grades K through 12.

    Technology Centers/Colleges/Universities

    The Tennessee College of Applied Technology, located in Covington, offers vocational and technology training. Dyersburg State Community College - Jimmy Naifeh Center has a campus in Covington and offers two-year associate degrees. Several colleges, universities, business and technical schools are located in Millington and Memphis, a short distance from South Tipton County.

    School Listings

    School listings and informational links are provided below. For additional information on education in the state of Tennessee, please visit www.state.tn.us/education.

    Tipton County Schools

    Tipton County Board of Education
    Superintendent: Dr. William Bibb
    P. O. Box 486, 1580 Hwy. 51S
    Covington, TN 38019
    901-476-7148, fax 901-476-4870

  • Atoka Elementary School
    Principal: Dr. Rebekah Byrd
    870 Rosemark Road
    Atoka, TN 38004
    901-837-5650, fax 901-837-5662

    Brighton Elementary
    Principal: Brooke Shipley (K-5)
    1201 Old Hwy. 51
    Brighton, TN 380119
    901-837-5865, fax 901-837-5879

    Brighton High
    Principal: Christi Huffman (9-12)
    8045 Hwy. 51 South
    Brighton, TN 38011
    901-837-5800, fax 901-837-5829

    Crestview Middle
    Principal: Steve Maclin (5-8)
    201 Mark A. Walker Blvd.
    Covington, TN 38019
    901-475-5900, Fax, 901-475-2607

    Covington Integrated Arts Academy
    Principal: Autrell Williams (K-8)
    760 Bert Johnston
    Covington, TN 38019
    901-476-1444, fax 901-475-2786

    Munford Elementary
    Principal Varissa Richardson (K-5)
    1200 McLaughlin Drive
    Munford, TN 38058
    901-837-0152, fax 901-837-5778

    Munford High
    Principal: Dr. Courtney Fee (9-12)
    1080 McLaughlin Drive
    Munford, TN 38058
    901-837-5701, fax 901-837-5729

  • Austin Peay Elementary
    Principal: Mrs. Jill McIntyre
    474 Academic Drive
    Covington, TN 38019
    901-475-5121, fax 901-475-2793

    Brighton Middle
    Principal: Sabrina Sneed-Matthews (6-8)
    7785 Hwy. 51 South 
    Brighton, TN 38011
    901-837-5600, fax 901-837-5625

    Crestview Elementary
    Principal: Anne Adams (K-4)
    151 Mark A. Walker Blvd.
    Covington, TN 38019
    901-475-5925, fax, 901-475-5938

    Covington High
    Principal: Mark McClain
    803 South College
    Covington, TN 38019
    901-475-5876, fax 901-475-5778

    Drummonds Elementary
    Principal: Patricia Mills (K-5)
    5068 Drummonds Rd.
    P. O. Box 178
    Drummonds, TN 38023
    901-835-3571, fax 835-5799

    Munford Middle
    Principal: Vicki Shipley (6-8)
    100 Education Avenue
    Munford, TN 38058
    901-837-1700, fax 901-837-5749

    Tipton County Preschool (3-5)
    Principal: Farrah Cope
    474 Academic Drive
    Covington, TN 38019