What is TOTAL?  The Total Leadership Program in Tipton County is a joint project of the Covington-Tipton County and South Tipton County Chambers of Commerce.  The program provides a learning experience to help develop community awareness and leadership skills.  The program focuses on current issues and concerns in Tipton County.

In addition to the classes in leadership and community awareness, each participant shall complete a community project.  Through this project, participants enhance their problem-solving and collaborative skills, gain a greater awareness of community needs, and work toward building a better future in Tipton County.

What is the Benefit?  TOTAL provides a better understanding of the community.  Participants will become motivated to discover their own leadership traits and become better informed, committed and qualified individuals who can contribute unique knowledge and skills to Tipton County.

Objectives.   To identify and select highly-motivated emerging leaders; systematically inform, challenge and educate participants about community opportunities and needs; create a network among the participants and existing community leaders; and to identify organizational and individual opportunities for community involvement.

Program Timeline and Information.  The program begins in September each year and concludes in April/May of the following year.  Sessions include:  Leadership Development/Teambuilding, Criminal Justice, Quality of Life, Education, Economic Development, Health Care, and Government.  

Participation in TOTAL is open to any person living or working in Tipton County.  An Advisory Board reviews applications solicited from all walks of community life to select a class of interested, motivated and concerned individuals who have a desire to offer their time and talents to improving their community. 

Criteria includes:  Sincere commitment, motivation and interest to serve the community; demonstrated commitment by past community activities; possession of potential or existing opportunities for advancement to top leadership positions within their own organizations, which may in turn, play a significant role in the community; and, occupational commitment to remain in Tipton County or not likely to be transferred within the immediate future. 

Tuition.   Adult tuition is $400.  Costs include meals and transportation to and from program locations during sessions, program materials, etc.  Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from each session.

Applications.  The dates for sessions will be published by August 15th..  Please review the schedule prior to completion of application.  Adult applications can be filled out online here.  Applications should be submitted by August 31.